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Hood and Coast

May 30, 2018

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Happy 16th anniversary to Mikey and me! We celebrated with a long Memorial Day weekend to Portland. 

The drive is about 3.5 hours from home, so much shorter than our old long-weekend drive to Denver (almost nine hours from K.C.). Plus we get mountains AND beaches!

We drove down Friday night after Mikey took the ferry home, giving us all day Saturday and Sunday to play.

I ran at Forest Park in the morning (sorry no photos this time), and after lunch at one of our favorite gluten-free, vegan restaurants, we drove to Cannon Beach. It was a circus, so we drove just a little north to Ecola State Park.

Meet the tiniest member of our family, Tully.

It was also the first big road trip for our new little dog, Tully. He's been camping with us one night so far, but this was his first time hiking with a little elevation and spending several days from home. 

We have no idea what breeds Tully comprises. We have our guesses. Feel free to leave yours in the comments. 

It was also his first time to a sandy beach. At least with us. He's between 1 and 2 years old, so who know what experiences he had before we brought him home. He's growing braver and more confident every week. When we first met him, he stood in place, just trembling.

The hike down to Crescent Beach was short but steep (sorry no Garmin data — Mikey used his Apple Watch). I could tell Winson hadn't run all week. At 12 years old, he gets the occasional flare up, and I've been making the poor guy take a little time off running. He pulled like an idiot. And Tully took it easy, checking in with us constantly and making sure I was always ahead of him. If he did pull, Mikey couldn't tell, as he's only 13 pounds. So tiny!

The mutts had a blast running around and exploring the beach. Tully tried to eat the molting mole crabs, and Winston did his best to smell everything.

Looking south toward Cannon Beach and across Crescent Beach. Can you see why we visit the Oregon Coast so regularly?

Tully did not appreciate the mud we encountered on the way down to the beach. (He kind of fell in, and it came a little higher up on his short legs than on the rest of us.)

Fetching fools: Winston is still a touch faster, but Tully's definitely better (and more polite) at bringing the ball back.

After about an hour of exploring, we headed back up the cliff to the car. 

The same view as above, taken two hours later.

Tiny dog, big steps

We humans were quite hungry after that. So Mikey and I stopped at Public Coast Brewing Co., where they use rice flour for all their deep fried foods, including onion rings. I have had to eat gluten-free for eight years and haven't had good onion rings in all that time. They were so wonderful, we ordered an entire platter after our meals. I was so full but so content.

The next morning, Mikey wanted to get breakfast (and stock up on awesome bagels) at another of our regular Portland stops before heading east to Mount Hood National Forest. One of the women at the ranger station suggested hiking from Timberline Lodge, but after one loop around the parking lot, we abandoned that madhouse. Instead we headed for another road that tested the sturdiness of the Honda Element. (Actually its second round of bumpy dirt roads that week after a friend and I drove to Mount Townsend in the Olympics.) Most of our best adventures happen at the ends of such roads. :)

We headed up another incline from Top Spur trailhead, but this was much easier than climbing the beachside cliff from the day before. Tully didn't seem to love walking on the small amounts of snow we encountered, but he managed.

Just shy of a mile in, the woods opened to fantastic views of Mount Hood, which I've read can be skied year-round. 

We hiked a little more into the tree cover on Timberline Trail until we encountered an eroded section of trail and then hiked back out the way we came. This route can be done as a loop around Bald Mountain, but according to the ranger station, the north side was still covered in snow.

Maybe my favorite photo of the trip/So much post-hike love.

We headed back to Portland, and I got in a sunny run on the Springwater Corridor trail. It was so boring I picked up the pace a little even though I had run a somewhat long run the day before.

Although we had a hotel, poor Mikey still had to put up with my dirtbag ways. We stopped by one store and went out to eat before I cleaned up that night.

The weather was absolutely fantastic, so the mutts joined us outside at Ground Breaker Brewing. We stocked up on a gluten-free version of a weizen beer, my favorite from before I figured out my food allergies.

We drove back home on Memorial Day after a short run at Forest Park. There was a 50K on the trails that morning, so I turned around a little early to stay out of the way. That put me on the trails with a nice guy named Larry from Happy Valley for the last couple miles of my run. We talked about living and running in the Pacific Northwest, area races, and the price of houses. It was a nice, relaxing end to my long-weekend adventure.


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