Yea! Friends and sunny days!


April 23, 2017

Poor Mikey. He had to put up with (and chauffeur) three runners all weekend. And on top of that, my friends are editors (and I'm a former editor).

I had so much fun with Jennifer and Susie. I dropped them at the ferry this morning, and I miss them so much! 

They arrived Thursday, and I finally remembered to bring my Nikon on the ferry even though the forecast called for rain upon their arrival.

I still enjoyed walking on the sun deck and pointed my lens up a little more than usual to capture the lines in the cloudy sky. 

Leaving Bainbridge Island Thursday morning/The ferry honked at that boat as we left/Three ferries crossing the sound/Halfway across Puget Sound/Approaching Colman Dock.

Mikey's office is in the building that has a stair-step appearance. It's on the waterfront downhill from the Space Needle.

Instead of rain, the sun came out. What was supposed to be a yucky day was gorgeous. Windy but sunny. I picked up Jennifer and Susie from Sea-Tac, and we went to packet pickup for the Tenacious Ten, a 10K and 10-mile race put on by Oiselle. We walked around the area around University of Washington, misread the parking signs, and got a ticket. Oops.

The day got only wackier for a while after that. After a robbery downtown ended, a suspect shot two police officers, and the area near the ferry terminal was locked down. We had the craziest detour trying to get to the ferry terminal, and I impressed Susie with my mad clutch skills on the downtown hills. (Mikey has seen automatic cars roll backward on those hills, and I still managed not to roll back into a Prius that wouldn't get off my ass.)

We finally made it to the ferry terminal, and Jennifer geeked out riding the ferry. It was a great view, but after a few minutes in the wind, we settled into the passenger deck.

We returned to the car upon our arrival at Bainbridge, and my visitors discovered the man in the car next to us had fallen asleep and fallen over in his vehicle. After several cars honked at him and Susie knocked on his window, he still hadn't awoken. Mikey, the now experienced ferry commuter, explained to them this was a totally normal occurrence, and they shouldn't be worried about anyone dying in his car on the ferry. Although he teased them the rest of their trip that they had sacrificed someone on the ferry to get great weather.

We all enjoyed the sunshine at Fay Bainbridge Park/Last photo by Susie.

After a short shake-out run at Gazzam Lake Nature Preserve, I took Jennifer and Susie to Fay Bainbridge Park on Friday because I wanted to take full advantage of the clear skies. This was by far the clearest sky I have seen since I arrived. The skies overhead completely lacked clouds, and the Cascades had only trace cover. 

My guests wanted to see the Viking town of Poulsbo, which is just a little ways across Agate Passage. The bridge there is the only other way on and off the island. We shopped the touristy downtown and took Winston for a short walk in the waterfront park.

After our Pouslbo visit, I took Susie and Jennifer on a short tour of the rest of the island, including Point White Pier.

As we drove around, I enjoyed having a couple of editors to joke around with, which fit well into Jennifer and Susie's theme of the weekend, #editorsgonewild. It's as crazy as you'd imagine 30- and 40-something word nerds spending a whole weekend together.

We woke up well before sunrise to catch the first ferry to Seattle Saturday morning. We had PERFECT racing weather. Everyone ran PRs. (One of us had never run a 10-mile race before.) And Mikey said we all looked strong at the finish.

We spent some time in Seattle, and Jennifer got her oyster fix on the island last night.

I hope to have several more posts coming soon. I have a couple of sewing projects to write about. (One is finished, and the other is a little more than halfway.) And I've taken photos of the house. Until then, I hope I've shown everyone a little bit of island life. 


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