The old albums are up!

April 26, 2016

I guess this makes my new site official. I've transferred my old albums to SmugMug!

It took me about a month to export the photos, copy the captions, and remap the locations. I could have used Smugglr to save time, but Picasa limited the resolution of the photos, and SmugMug does not. I also reassigned keywords to all the photos.

Two albums are of particular note. For the Southwest by Element album, I had to re-edit almost all the originals because I had only tiny resolution versions. I also added the album Florida Keys, which never made an appearance on the old Picasa site.

There are several albums, such as albums I created for family and friends' events, that I've not transferred to the new site. You can still find them on Picasa, but soon you will not be able to leave comments (I think). If you have a request for an old album to be shared on the new SmugMug site (so you can order prints or just because you'd like to see them in the new format), please let me know. I can add them as public or private albums.

I've tried to update all the links to redirect within the new site, but if any send you to the old Picasa site, please let me know. 

Here are the old albums. Enjoy! And now that this is finished, I can go back to my sewing projects! (I've actually finished a couple of garments and have taken photos, but I want to get a couple more done before my next post.)

(EDIT 8/15/16: Google has taken down the Picasa service completely.)

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