Dots and stripes

Aug. 15, 2016

I can see! Officially! I went to my regular eye doctor at my one-month follow-up, and I saw 20/20 in both eyes. She called it a rough 20/20, but still, hurray!

So I've been making stuff pretty consistently since mid-July. Starting with two projects for Mikey, per his request.

A stretchy cotton button-up shirt and another attempt at skinny Jeds.

I actually started on the shirt, another McCall's 2447, before eye surgery. I tried to finish cutting it out while I couldn't see a damn thing. That didn't work, so I just cut around the pattern pieces and cleared the table, so I could build some Ghostbusters Legos

When I could see again, I finished cutting it out. Not much too new on construction of this one from previous versions. It's pretty easy at this point. I used my standard French seams. The only change is adding a strip of interfacing to the right front along the button band. I find it gets just a tad saggy on his older shirts. 

Buttons are from Jo-Ann. The fabric is from Elfriede's in Boulder. The dots are on grain but not on the crossgrain. That made matching the pocket impossible. I can never remember whether I fuse the interfacing to the collar and collar stand or their facings. So I drew myself a diagram in my notes about the collar. For future reference, the pieces facing out are interfaced.

Mikey wanted me to have another go at the more modern leg on the Thread Theory Jedediah pants. He likes the pair we made last year but found the calves too restrictive. He said they got stuck on his calves after sitting and wouldn't relax when he stood. I let those out as much as I could, and he said that helped.

He also requested I use a fabric with more drape. This lightweight blend (poly-wool, I think, based on a burn test) is from Fabric Recycles. I don't like the way this fabric lies as much as the gray gabardine, but Mikey said it was a comfortable summer weight. 

Because the fabric frayed like crazy, I constructed this pair with French seams, except at the yoke and seat.

I incorporated welt pockets into his pants once before, but he said the opening wasn't wide enough, so I added an inch to the width of the welt.

forgot to take photos of the inside, but I used this cotton voile from Modern Makers for the pocket bags.

I even snuck in a little July project for myself.

This is another Wren skirt, this time with a synthetic knit from Fabric Recycles. Those stripes were nauseating to look at as one mass. But once I cut it into smaller pieces, it was much more visually appealing.

I missed my note to self that I used a quarter-inch seam allowance on the first version. Oops. I think I sewed this at 3/8 inch, so it's touch snug. But because I left out the understitching on the waistband, it's much easier to get on.

I used 2-inch elastic in the waistband, same as the first time. It makes for such a comfortable fit.

Instead of hemming along the pattern curve, I used the stripe for the hem guide. It just didn't look right with a slight curve along the stripes.

Because I used too big of seam allowance, the pockets tend to stick out funny.

Even though it's a little smaller than I'd like, I like this skirt quite a bit. It's a good weight for summer and goes well with my old concert T-shirts.

I had planned to post these makes with the rest of my July/early August creations, but the entry started to get a bit long-winded. So I'll leave it a little short and post again in a few days.

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