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May 13, 2018

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Just a quick post today to show off Thread Theory's latest pattern, the Sayward raglan.

Morgan from Thread Theory asked for pattern testers again, and she wanted a short turnaround. She promised it was a quick knit pattern, so I went for it. Even though I had just wrapped up half-marathon training and really needed to catch up on life. But I'm glad I did. I needed to sew something new to satiate my creative side. 

Yes, I have been sewing. I just haven't been motivated by my makes to spend time posting them. That's terrible! I've loaded the photos onto my site. I just haven't written anything up yet. But soon, I promise. (Just don't expect them to be mind-blowing.)

This was truly a quick make. I cut it out on a single layer in about an hour and sewed it up in one afternoon. It's also easy and would make a great pattern for someone who wants to try sewing with knits. There are only two pages of instructions!

I cut size 4XL and added 2 inches to the length of the body and sleeves. (Mikey is 6-foot-4.) The sleeves are perfect, but we'll add an additional inch or so to the body next time. I sewed the side seams with a quarter-inch seam allowance, and Mikey liked the looser fit. (The pattern includes 5/8-inch seam allowance.)

As for the fabric, we raided my stash for a suitable wearable muslin. This lightweight yellow is leftover from when I made myself a tank. I don't recall the content, but I used the cotton settings on my iron, and it didn't melt!

I tried Morgan's instructions for stitch length and width. I've used a slight zigzag for knits before but never as wide as she suggested. And it works nicely. The seams press well and look good despite not being a narrow stitch.

I used a twin needle for topstitching the neckline and sewing the hems.

Morgan said some of the other testers mentioned to her the neckline turned out wider than they expected. You can see where his store-bought T-shirt shows under the raglan. I didn't see any problem with the neckline, but I suppose if you wanted it a little snugger, you could just cut the binding an inch smaller and stretch it a little more.

That's it. But I'll try really hard to write about my winter and spring projects this month. But no promises. : )

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